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I hate waiting. But no matter how long I have to wait, my girlfriend will always be worth it. I’m catching a coach at 7am to heathrow tomorrow, I won’t get at Heathrow until midday and then I have to wait until 3pm before I can drop my luggage off and go through security. I like to make sure I have plenty of time incase there are any errors. After I check my bags in I have to wait until 5:15pm for my flight to depart. I will be on that flight for 9 and a half hours and then I’ll be dealing with customs etc in canada for a further hour an half an then I’ll finally be able to wrap my arms around my girl.

I haven’t seen my girlfriend for almost 10 weeks. Whilst that might not sound much to you guys, it feels like a lifetime for me. I’m spending 4 weeks with her in canada and it will be amazing!

I love you Dallas

P.s…Got some big news coming

Anybody know what this is exactly.
I assume it’s some kind of Moth.
Its really pretty

Had a nasty fall and sprained my right ankle…again!

But I’ve had some amazing news today :D

I adore this picI adore her6 more days of waiting!

I adore this pic
I adore her
6 more days of waiting!

This time in next week i’ll be in Canada again! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY


Bruce goes home tomorrow and I’m sad so we’re taking lots of pictures.

This feels like a lifetime ago

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baby starting to say its first words

  • baby: m-m-m
  • me: mama ? :-)
  • baby: meet me in the fucking pit